Tuesday, February 14, 2012

8 Toy Story Color Splash Buddies 2-Pack figures changers unboxing review buddy

With fantastic color change transformation, these 2 inch Toy Story Color Splash Buddies Action Figures are outta the box for play time! Kids can create fantastic adventures as they use warm and cold water to change the figures appearances from classic to crazy designs and back again. Warm water brings out lighter designs, while icy water reveals darker ones. Which means characters change to crazy colors using cold water and warm water changes them back to their classic look. Cold water means icy cold, tap water does not change the colors. Warm water works fine, no need for hot water.
Perfect to play with the new Toy Story playset called Slide N Surprise Playground
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Disney Pixar and Mattel Toy Story Slide and Surprise Playground Playset: Kids can have wild water fun with this playground color change play set that offers three zones for color transformation. Create unique color change designs on figures at the art easel station with the foam paintbrush and icy water. Tilt the water barrel over with the lever and send buddy figures down the slide into the pool. Drop figures from the platform into the icy-water dumpster with the push of a button. Then wash off all the color change deco in the warm pool shower so it can be done again and again. Includes one Color Splash Buddy Woody figure.

The Toy Story Color Splash Buddies Slide 'N' Surprise Playground is a water park playset for the line of Color Splash Buddy figures. It has three different play zones that activates the color change effects on the small figures called buddies. The playset includes a Color Splash Buddy of Sheriff Woody figure, and kids can change the color of Woody's shirt from yellow to red using the foam paintbrush and cold water from the paint bucket. Kids can also place Woody in the water barrel and tip it over to send Woody down the slide and into the pool of warm water, which will change Woody's shirt color back to yellow. Pressing the button causes warm water to come out of the showerhead. For another way to change the shirt color again, place Woody on the platform and push the button to dunk Woody into the dumpster of cold water.

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